Jednoduchý minulý a priebehový minulý čas


Použite slovesá zo zátvoriek buď v jednoduchom minulom čase alebo v priebehovom minulom čase.

Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.
11. „What you when I you last night?“ (do, call)
12. „When the phone I my hair.“ (ring, dry)
13. As she to schol, she a few interesting billboards. (walk, notice)
14. „ you two when I in?“ (argue, come)
15. „No, we . We our lines fot the schol play.“ (practise)
16. „ he his bags when you the door?“ (pack, open)
17. „Yes, he . He his clothes in a big suitcase. (put)
18. „ your girlfriend for you at the airport when you off the plane?“ (wait, get)
19. „No, she . Actually, she was away at the time. She around Europe with some of her friends.“ (travel)
20. „While we yesterday, it to snow heavily. (ski, begin)