Jednoduchý minulý a priebehový minulý čas


Použite slovesá zo zátvoriek buď v jednoduchom minulom čase alebo v priebehovom minulom čase.

Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.
Last night I (be) alone at home. I (lie) on my bed and I (watch) TV when I (hear) a strange noise. The noise (come) from the kitchen. I (go) downstairs, (pick up) a heavy vase from the table and (head for) the kitchen. I (open) the door very slowly. Then I (see) someone. He (search) in the fridge. I (be) so frightened that I (drop) the vase. I (carry) and it (crash) onto the floor. The man turned towards the door and I (see) his face. It was my husband!