Jednoduchý minulý a priebehový minulý čas


Použite slovesá zo zátvoriek buď v jednoduchom minulom čase alebo v priebehovom minulom čase.

Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.
13. I (not, ski) a lot when I (live) in Sweden because I (not, have) skis.
14. „Where he (hide) when you (walk) into the room?“
„He (lie) under the bed. It (take) me a few minutes before I (find) him.
15. He (drive) so fast that I (have to) ask him to slow down. I (get) more and more scared.
16. I (study) hard all day Saturday because I (want) to get an A in the test.
17. „ you (study) when I (ring)?“ I (not, mean) to disturb you.“
18. They (decide) to have a break because they (begin) to feel tired.
19. We (discuss) the problem for a long time but we (not, agree) on anything.
20. When she (hear) that he (sing) in the bathroom, she (turn up) the radio.
21. I just (get) ready fot the party when she (call) and (tell) me it (be) cancelled.
22. Paul (go) shopping yesterday, but he (buy) anything at all.
23. First I (not, know) what he (do) because he (jump) up and down the room, but later I (realise) that he (practise) his dance routine without music.
24. Most of the time, we (have) no idea what the lecturer (talk) about because we (sit) at the back.
25. We (play) footbal on the playground, when the storm (break) out. Then we (run) very fat home.