Jednoduchý prítomný a priebehový prítomný čas


Použite slová zo zátvoriek buď v jednoduchom prítomnom čase alebo v priebehovom prítomnom čase. Doplňte ich do viet spolu s ďalšími slovami, ktoré v zátvorkách nájdete. Ak v zátvorke nie je plnovýznamové sloveso, použite vhodnú formu pomocného slovesa.

Put the verbs in brackets into Present simple or Present Continuous. Fill them in the santences with any other words you find in the brackets If there is not a verb in bracket, use a suitable auxiliary.
13. Sometimes he (tell) funny jokes, but the jokes he (tell) today are not funny at all.“
14. The man in the picture (sit) in a strange way. (he, hold) a golf-ball between his legs, or what is he doing?!
15. My dad (go) usually to France once a week. But this week he (go) twice because there (be) two important conferences in Paris.
16. My cousin (own) a restaurant and (work) very hard every day.
17. „ (she, still, have) a shower or can I use the bathroom now?“
18. Look how fast he (run). I’m sure he’ll win the race.
19. „How often (you, go) to the theatre?“
„Once a week.“
20. Mary (write) the nicest letters of all my friends.
21. He often (say) clever things but what he (say) now is just nonsens.
22. „Leave me alone! I (do) my homeworks!“
23. „Thank you for the tea. (feel) much better now.“
24. Please explain it again because I (not, understand).
25. John (not, collect) butterflies any more.