Jednoduchý prítomný a priebehový prítomný čas


Doplň buď jednoduchý prítomný čas alebo priebehový prítomný čas.

Fill in with Present simple or Present continuous.
June: „Hi, mum!“
Mum: „Hello, June! Where (you, call) from?“
June: „I (be) at work at the moment. My boss (have) lunch with his wife now. He often (take) her to lunch on Tuesdays.“
Mum: „Well, why (you, phone)? Is there anything wrong?“
June: „No, everything’s OK. I just want you to know that I (come) home next Saturday.“
Mum: „What time (your train, arrive) in Leeds?“
June: „It (leave) London at 11 o’clock and (arrive) in Leeds at 2 o’clock.“
Mum: „See you on Saturday then. I look forward to you!“