Jednoduchý prítomný a priebehový prítomný čas, rozkazovací spôsob a prívesné otázky


Použi slovesá zo zátvoriek v jednoduchom prítomnom čase, priebehovom prítomnom čase alebo v rozkazovacom spôsobe. Ak v zátvorke nie je sloveso, použi vhodnú prívesnú otázku.

Put the verbs in brackets in the Present simple, Present continuous or the imperative. If there is not a verb in bracket, use a suitable question tag.
1. „What (you, do) here?“
„ I (paint) my toenails. (leave) my alone, please.“
2. „How often (I, have to) water this plant?“
3. „What time (you, usually, get) up?“
„Usually, we (not, have) to get up until 8, but this week we up (get) at 7 because we’re terribly busy.“
4. „It (seem) that Gwen (get) used to living here. She (appear) to be much hapier now, she?“
5. „What (you, try) to say?“
„I just (want) to tell you how much the whole trip (cost). Going by plane (make) it much more expensive, you know.“
6. „Why (the children, make) so much noise?“
„They (play) computer games. They (get) very excited every time on of them (win) a round. Just (ignore) them!“
7. She (usually, call) me when I (brush) my teeht, so of course I (not, answer) the phone. And she (not, believe) me when I (ring) her back and (explain) what happened.
8. „ (look) at this photo!“ What are that (persons, do)?“
„It (look) asi if they (dance)...“
9. „ (you, still, eat) or can I take your plate away?“
(hang on)! I (just, finish) my meal. How come you don’t remember I (eat) slowly?“
10. „ (you, still, go) jogging?“
„I (not, do) that any longer. I (have) problems with my ankle at the moment.“
11. „I (get) bigger and bigger, I?“
(not, be) surprised!“ You (eat) all the time.“
12. „What kind of books (she, read)?“
„She (read) only romances. At the moment she (read) a novel about a girl who (fall) in love with a magician and (follow) him everywhere he (go).