Jednoduchý prítomný a priebehový prítomný čas


Použi slovesá zo zátvoriek v jednoduchom prítomnom čase alebo v priebehovom prítomnom čase.

Put the verbs in brackets in the Present simple or Present continuous or the imperative.
13. „Why (she, sit) on that bench?“
„She (wait) for her blind date. She (meet) a new boy every other week but she (never, date) any of them longer than three days.“
14. Please (not, think) I (hate) your cousin. Actually, we (become) good friends now. We (chat) on the Internet quite regurarly.
15. „ (she, use) this calculator right now?“
„I don’t think so. She (just, leave) it on the desk sometimes.“
16. I (know) I always (call) Petra when I (feel) sad. This time I (phone) you because you often (have) similar problems.
17. „How much money (you, manage) to save?“
„Usually not much, but I (put) aside more now because we (plane) to go to Iceland in July.“
18. His friends (rarely, visit) him because (keep) rabbits in his flat and they (smell) terrible.
19. „Why (you, learn) over that pot?“
„I (smell) the soup. I (just, love) the smell of garlic.“
20. Something (tell) me Jane really (dislike) her physic teacher.