Priebehový minulý čas


Použite slová zo zátvoriek v priebehovom minulom čase.

Put the verbs in the past continuous.
1. I remember very well what everyone in my family at 6 o’clock yesterday. (do)
2. Mum the dishes in the kitchen. (wash)
3. Dad an article on his computer in the study. (type)
4. Jane to her favourite CD in the living room. (listen)
5. Jack footbal with his friends. (play)
6. Grandma and Grandpa ther weekend trip to Prague. (discuss)
7. I to my dog about how much homeworks i had. (complain)
8. My dog only next to me without barking anything. (sit)
9. Nobody attention to me, so finally I started doing my homework. (pay)