Jednoduchý budúci a priebehový budúci čas


Doplňte nasledujúci dialóg, použite jednoduchý budúci čas alebo priebehový budúci čas.

Complete the following dialogue using Future Simple or Future Continuous.
Graham: Can I phone you tomorrow, Suzy?
Suzy: What time?
Graham: Well, I’m not working tomorrow so I (phone) you at 9 o’clock in the morning.
Suzy: Oh no! I (sleep) then.
Graham: OK: I (call) you at noon.
Suzy: Well, I (wash) my hair.
Graham: Perhaps I (come) and visit you in the afternoon, then. What (do) around 3 o ’clock?
Suzy: I (get) ready for my aerobics class.
Graham: Well, if I phone you at 5, (be) home?
Suzy: No, I’m afraid not. I (visit) my aunt in the hospital.
Graham: When can I see you, Suzy?
Suzy: Phone my tomorrow evening. I (do) anything then.