Jednoduchý minulý a jednoduchý predprítomný čas


Použite slová v jednoduchom minulom čase alebo v jednoduchom predprítomnom čase.

Put the verbs in the Past Simple or Present Perfect Simple.
1. I (write) three letters yesterday.
2. I (write) three letters so far today.
3. Sheila (read) the article on Friday.
4. Sheila (read) the article twice already.
5. We (not, meet) them at the airport when they arrived.
6. We (meet) them yet.
7. John just (speak) to his uncle.
8. John (speak) to his uncle just now.
9. They (be) to London when somebody broke into their house.
10. They (be) to London three times and they are going again next year.
11. you (see) that film before?
12. you (see) that film last night?
13. I can’t find my glasses. I think I (lose) them.
14. I (loose) my glasses when I was on holiday.
15. Rita (live) in Finland from 1991 to 1994.
16. Rita (live) in this city since 1995.
17. My dad (work) as a waiter after he graduated.
18. My dad (work) as a bus driver for 11 years now.
19. I still (not, find) any nice curtains for the living room. So I am going to the shops again tomorrow.
20. I (not find) any nice curtains when I went shopping last week.