Jednoduchý minulý a predprítomný jednoduchý čas


Použite slová zo zátvoriek v jednoduchom minulom čase alebo v predprítomnom čase.

Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple or Present Perfect.
A: Last night I (see) „The Bodyguard“ at the cinema.
B: Oh, I (already, see) it twice.

A: Do you know that Mrs Jones (work) here for sixteen years?
B: I thought she (start) to work here ten years ago.

A: (you, ever, meet) anyone famous?
B: Wall, I (see) Jane Fonda.
A: Really? I (meet) her father, Henry Fonda, once. But he is dead now.

A: Yesterday I (leave) the house and (catch) the train. Then I (realise) that my keys (be) in the house.
B: Oh no! That (happen) to me before. What (you, do)?
A: I (call) the locksmith.

A: I (already, make) the beds and I (just, sweep) the floor, but I (not, start) the ironing yet.
B: Don’t worry. I (do) it yesterday.

A: How long ago (you, begin) painting?
B: Ten years ago. I (recently, complete) a painting that the National Gallery asked (ask) me to do a year ago.

A: Why are you so happy?
B: I (just, pass) my driving test!

A: (you, always, have) long hair, Julie?
B: No, when I was young my hair (be) very short.