Jednoduchý predprítomný čas a priebehový predprítomný čas


Použite slovesá v jednoduchom predprítomnom čase alebo v priebehovom predprítomnom čase.

Put the verbs in the Present perfect simple or Present perfect continuous.
1. I don’t think the neighbours are at home. I just (hear) them leave.
2. I (lose) my umbrella. I can’t go out in this rainstorm.
3. Look! I (find) two hundred crowns in the cupboard.
4. Let’s run to the supermarket! I hope it (not, close) yet.
5. Where I (put) my keys? I can’t find them anywhere.
6. I (try) to open this window ever since I moved into this flat.
7. We should hang up. We (talk) for almost half an hour. My mum will be very angry when she gets the phone bill.
8. “Why are your hands so dirty?”
“I (repair) my bicycle...”
9. He (write) that letter since breakfast and he still hasn’t finished it.
10. You (eat) blueberries, ? Your lips are all purple.
11. Look, it (snow). Everything is white outside.
12. I have no idea what she looks like now. I (not, see) her for six years.
13. I (listen) to this CD for a month now and I’m still crazy about hm.
14. “How many lessons you (have) today?”
“Five so far. My next one starts in ten minutes.”
15. “How long Peter (know) Anna?”
“I think they met at Mary’s party last year...”