Jednoduchý predminulý a priebehový predminulý čas


Doplňte predminulý čas alebo priebehový predminulý čas.

Fill in Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous.
When I entered the house, something smelt awful. Someone (cook) and (burn) the meal. I (visit) the house once before and (meet) the family but I didn’t know what (happen) since then. The house was a mess. The children (play) in the living room and (leave) their toys all over the floor. Someone (leave) all the windows open. It (rain) for hours and all the curtains (get) wet and dirty. I asked the children where their parents were. They told me their mother (be) in hospital for the past two weeks. Their father (look after) them since then. Obviously he (do) his best, but he couldn’t do any better since he worked all morning and had to leave them alone most of the day. I had to do something to help them.