Jednoduchý predprítomný, jednoduchý minulý a jednoduchý prítomný čas


Použite slová zo zátvoriek v predprítomnom čase, v jednoduchom minulom čase alebo v jednoduchom prítomnom čase.

Put the verbs in brackets into Present Perfect, Past Simple or Present Simple.
Mr Briggs: Hello, Darling. How are you? Is everything okay?
Mrs Briggs: I’m fine. I (be) very busy since you (leave).
Mr Briggs: What (you, do) so far?
Mrs Briggs: I (do) the painting, I (mend) the bookshelf and I (build) a cupboard. I (have) my hair cut and I (go) to the dentist’s. Oh, and yesterday I (speak) to a builder about about the garage.
Mr Briggs: A builder? The garage? What (happen) to the garage?
Mrs Briggs: Well, the garage wall (fall down) two days ago.
Mr Briggs: What?
Mrs Briggs: I... I (not, finish) yet. Well, the neighbour (have) a little accident. He (drive) into the garage wall.
Mr Briggs: Oh no! He (not, crash) into my new car, did he?
Mrs Briggs: No! Your car (be) fine. Don’t worry!