Jednoduchý predprítomný čas a priebehový predprítomný čas


Použite slová zo zátvoriek v predprítomnom čase alebo v priebehovom predprítomnom čase.

Put the verbs in brackets into Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous.
Pam: What are you doing, Ben?
Ben: I (look through) my old box all morning. It brings back lots of memories. Look, I (find) my old train set!
Pam: You (play) with those trains for over an hour. I (watch) you.
Ben: They’re great! I (not, have) so much fun for years! Look at this one!
Pam: Yes, Ben, it’s really a very nice train. But (you, see) what time is it?
Ben: No... Why?
Pam: It’s 10:30! Your boss (just, phone) from the office!
Ben: Why?
Pam: He (wait) for you all morning. You have an important meeting.
Ben: Oh no! I thought it was Saturday...!