Jednoduchý predprítomný čas a priebehový predprítomný čas


Doplňte predprítomný čas alebo priebehový predprítomný čas.

Fill in with Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous.
Robinson Crusoe has been stuck on a desert island for the past six months. Here is a letter he wrote and put in a bottle.

Dear Anybody,

I have been (be) on this island for six months now. It is a miracle that I (survive) for this long. I (eat) fish and fruit since I got here. Fortunately, I (not see) any dangerous animals yet. When I arrived here the weather was fine, but it has been raining (rain) continuously for the past two weeks, so I (build) a shelter out of sticks and reed, which is quiet cosy. My main problem is loneliness, as I (not, speak) to anyone for so long. Recently I (talk) to myself, but it isn’t very interesting. Please, help me.

Robinson Crusoe