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a) Relationships

In all aspects of life, we will deal with other people because people are social beings and live in a society. Relationships can be formal or informal. Formal relationships are for example public relations or diplomatic relations. Informalrelationships include personal relationship, romantic relationship and friendship.

Relations in families are usually based on love, respect and understanding.  The first and strongest relationship is between mother and her child because mother gives birth to the child. Relations between parents and children can become sometimes problematic. Parents should be an authority for children and children should respect their parents. Our siblings grow up with us, so we spend much time together. We usually get on well with our siblings.

The relationship between students and teachers is formal. Students can love their teachers, respect them or dislike and even hate them. Teachers can have the same approach to their students. The relationship between classmates is generally good. A class can be divided into small group of students with similar interests.

People have different relationships with their neighbours. Some people get on well with their neighbours. They help and visit each other. Some neighbours have a bad relationship because they don´t like each other. They often argue because of various things.

The relationships between the old and the young generation are often talked about. There are often conflicts between the generations called a generation gap. It is natural that every generation of young people differs from the one before it. Our grandparents and parents lived in totally different conditions which influenced their behaviour and attitude towards society. 

b) Friendship and love

Friendship is a relationship between people who have something in common, mainly similar hobbies and attitudes towards life. They usually spend a lot of time together, support and help each other when necessary. We make friends during our whole life. Friends usually laugh together, speak about everything and share secrets. True friends are people who are always there for you. The saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed” shows the sum and substance of friendship. Friendship is very important for young people, but sometimes friends can have a bad influence. A friendship between a man and a woman can change into love. The boy usually asks the girl out and we say that they go on a date. Two people who have a romantic relationship normally get engaged and later get married when they want to spend their whole life together. When they get married, they become a husband and a wife. It is important to be able to discuss honestly, whatever is important in the relationship. If there are too many problems in the marriage, they can get divorced. The reasons for divorce can be for example financial problems, drug and alcohol addiction or the lack of communication. 

c) Social problems

There are three main social problems: disabled, homeless and addicted people.

Disabled peoplesuffered from prejudice and many people were ignorant towards them in the past. Nowadays is the situation better because people have more information. There are already schools for blind, deaf and dumb children and there are many organizations that help and look after disabled people. It is very difficult for these people to find a job because of high unemployment. Many disabled people are sportsmen and they can even participate at the Paralympic Games.

Homeless people have nowhere to live. It can easily happen nearly to everyone. If you lose your job, you don´t have enough money to pay for a flat and you can also lose your family. It is difficult to come back to normal life. There are homeless centers and charities, which help with clothes and food. Homeless people sell the magazine Nota Bene, because it gives them a chance to earn some money for better life.

There are many reasons why people have become addicted. Some of them felt bored and had enough money to try new forbidden things. Some of them couldn´t solve their problems and tried to escape. It is their personal problem, but it starts to be a social problem when they steal money and kill people because they need money for drugs. There are specialized centres for these people, but to give up, they must have a strong will. 

d) Negative phenoms

Unsatisfied people can become aggressive. Result of aggressivity is vandalism. That means that aggressive people destroy things around them and can even hurt someone. Nowadays many people are egoistic and they think only on themselves. We should be helpful because we don´t know whether we won´t need the help of other people. Indifference is another way of negative human behaviour. 

e) How to solve the social problems

It is not enough to feel sad and talk about social problems when seeing such a problem or hearing about it.  We should stand up and give our hand to people in need. We should behave the same way we want others to behave towards us and teach already small children to do so.

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