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New York City is the largest city in the United States. It is located in the southern part of New York State, at the mouth of the Hudson River. Many people call New York ,,the city that never sleeps“. Another nickname of this city is ,,big apple’’. New York is also called „Melting Pot“ because it is a cosmopolitan city. The whole area of the city has about 18 million people. N.Y. City is one of the most important financial, commercial and cultural centres in the world. It is also an important sea port. There are four big airports in New York. The biggest is John F. Kennedy International Airport. It has the largest subway system in the world. Typical for N.Y. City are yellow taxis called „yellow cabs“. 

The original inhabitants were Indians. The first European, who discovered New York, was Giovanni da Verrazano in 1524. In 1609 Henry Hudson rediscovered  the territory for settlers from Europe. This island was bought by the Dutch in 17th century for 24 dollars and they named the place New Amsterdam. Later the British captured the city and renamed it New York.

The most significant landmark of New York is the Statue of Liberty. It stands on Liberty island in New York Harbor. This symbol of freedom and democracy was given to the Americans by France to commemorate the alliance between these two nations. It is a statue of a woman. She holds a burning torch in her right hand and a law book in her left one. There is an inscription „July 4th, 1776“  what is connected with the birth date of the USA. The designer of the framework was Eiffel who also created the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There is a gallery in the torch and a restaurant is situated in headband.

New York consists of five major parts: Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn. 


The island of Manhattan is the heart of the city. The island is surrounded by 3 rivers, the Hudson, the Harlem and the East River. It is the oldest borough and also it’s the smallest but the most important one.The scenery of Manhattan is formed by skyscrapers. The first skyscraper was built in 1903.The highest skyscraper in New York was The World Trade Centre. It was a complex of seven buildings dominated by the two towers with 110 storeys – „The Twins“. The skyscrapers were built in 1973 and in 2001 twin towers were destroyed by the terrorist attack. Another interesting skyscraper is Empire State Building which is probably the most famous building in New York. Chrysler Building is the seat of the Chrysler automobile company.

Manhattan is divided into streets which run from the east to the west and avenues which run from the north to the south. The most famous street is Broadway which is the only exception to the plan. It belongs to the cultural parts of the town because of its 39 theatres. Fifth Avenue is New York´s most visited shopping street which divided Manhattan into east and west. Visitors can find there the biggest department store Macy´s. St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the Fifth Avenue was inspired by the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe. This majestic church, seat of the archbishop of New York, serves as the center of New York's Roman Catholic community. There is Rockefeller Center near the Cathedral. It serves as a business and entertainment center, comprising Radio City Music Hall. Rockefeller centre became known for its Christmas tree with 25 000 lights. It’s the major Art Deco complex in NY.

Harlem is a quarter where many black people live. The only quiet place is Central Park, the largest of all New York’s parks, where famous rock concerts take place. People can relax by walking or jogging there. Not far from the south-west corner of Central Park is the Lincoln Center. It is the largest culture complex in the world which comprises the Metropolitan Opera House, the New York State Theater, and Avery Fisher Hall. Times Square is a commercial area and one of the most famous symbols of New York City. The headquarterts of the United Nations can be found by the East River. New York has been the seat of the organization since 1945.Madison Square Garden, the most famous sports centre in New York, is the home to the Knicks (basketball) and the Rangers (ice-hockey).

There used to be a wall against Indians in the southern part of Manhattan. Now there is Wall Street which is regarded as the centre of financial life with the most important stock-exchange in the world.


Brooklyn borough is famous for its bridge. It is the world´s oldest suspension bridge and it connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. There is famous beach called Coney Island with a lot of attractions for tourists.


Queens is the largest in area and the second most populous of the five boroughs. It has many ethnic groups of immigrants. Two of New York´s airports, John F. Kennedy and La Guardia are situated in Queens. There is Flushing Meadow known especially for botanical gardens and its tennis championships.


There is Bronx Park where tourists can find the best known zoo in the USA. There are also many prestigious private schools in this borough.


The island is connected with Brooklyn by Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

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