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a) Important places in my life (birthplace, where I have studied and where I have spent my weekends and holidays)

The most important place in our life is usually our birthplace. It is connected with memories from our childhood and of course with our family and friends. Some of us stay in our birth town forever. Thousands of people move to another place to find work. The place where we study is usually not identical with our birthplace. These days, many young people choose to study in a different town or country. It allows them to be more independent and to meet new people. On the other hand, some families face financial problems therefore children prefer to stay and study in their hometown. We all leave our homes when we travel for holidays. People spend their holiday at different places. The place where we spend our holiday depends mainly on money. Many people go on holiday to hot or exotic countries because of sun and sea. They can swim in the sea, sunbathe or just lie on the beach and relax. The most favourite destinations are Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia or the Canary Islands. People who lead an active life prefer sightseeing places because they can see new things and learn about new countries and their traditions and customs. They often visit museums, galleries and art exhibitions. Some people like to spend their holiday in the mountains. In winter they go skiing and in summer they go hiking. Some people don´t want to travel anywhere, so they spend their holiday at home. 

b) Tourist guide (welcome, basic information about their stay)

Hello everybody, my name is Susan. I am from Malacky. Today I will show you around the city of Malacky and if you have any questions feel free to ask anytime. First of all, I will give you some basic information about our town. Malacky is a town in south-western Slovakia around 35 km from its capital Bratislava. It is the economic, administrative and cultural centre of the region „Zahorie“. The history of town brings out the first written document mentioning the municipality in 1206 in a deed of donation from Ondrej II. The town was owned by several families, such as the Szerédy´s, the Salma´s, the Fugger´s and finally the Pállfys. We will have a look at the originally Renaissance mansion built in 1624. There is a large English park around it. The tour takes us to the Franciscan Church, in the name of the Immaculate Virgin Mary´s Conception that dates from 1653. We will also visit the Michal Tillner Museum. Michal Tillner was an important Slovak artist as well as a collector of national folk art. A selection of his artwork and collection can be seen in the museum.  Malacky also has a restored Jewish synagogue designed by the major Vienna architect Wilhelm Stiassny. It is now used as an art school. 

c) Places of interest for tourists (castles, chateaux, spas, caves) and towns

There are many attractive places for tourists in Slovakia.The most attractive destinations are the capital of Bratislava and the High Tatras. There are many rare plant and animal species in the High Tatras. The High Tatras and Low Tatras are great for spending active holidays during the whole year because they offer numerous ski, hiking and mountaineering opportunities.Slovakia's karst areas offer an high number of caves. Thirteen caves are open to the public. Ochtinská Aragonite Cave is one of three aragonite caves in the world, but probably the most famous caves are Dobšinská ice cave and Demänovská dripstone cave. Slovakia contains many spas like Piešťany, Trenčianske Teplice, Smrdáky or Lúčky.You can admire here a lot of castles, most of which are in ruins. The best known castles include Bojnice Castle, Spiš Castle, Orava Castle and Bratislava Castle. Čachtice Castle used to be home of the „Bloody Lady“, Elizabeth Báthory. There are also many interesting towns in Slovakia. Kremnica and Banská Štiavnica are famous for their mining history. Trnava has many unique baroque churches and an old university. Slovakia also offers many cultural events to tourists such as folklore festivals in Východná, Detva and Myjava. Tourists can visit our old typical villages, such as Vlkolínec, Čičmany or Vychylovka. 

d) Places suitable for relaxation and for entertainment

There are plenty places suitable for relaxation and even for entertainment. Everybody should decide where and how he wants to spend his free time. If you want to be active, you can go to a sport centre, to the swimming pool or go to nature by bike. Many people go to the cinema to relax. To gain the aesthetical experience, we can go to the library, ballet, opera or theatre. 

e) My dream place

Japan is one of the most attractive vacation destinations to me. I am interested in Japanese culture, traditions and people. To me, Japan is a nation that you can experience old traditional elements and modern high-technology factors both in one. Japan is full of mysteries and I am going to find them out.

Another attractive dream place to me is Egypt. I would love the chance to see extraordinary historical relics. I can imagine what it’s like to see the pyramids and temples in Egypt. I can dream of seeing the temple of Karnak or the temple of Abu Simbel. My dream holidays include amazing experiences like a cruise down the Nile River.

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