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a) Autobiography

My name is John. I was born on the 5th of September in Bratislava. I am 16 years old. I live on 58th avenue in a flat in Bratislava with my parents and my siblings. I´m a student at Gymnasium Bratislava. In addition to my studies, I also play the guitar. I´m interested in literature and history of the music. I like listening to music, watching TV, reading books and I also enjoy playing football or computer games. One of my best memories is when …. 

b) Members of my family

My family consists of five members. It is my mother, my father, my sister, my brother and me. I have a grandmother and a grandfather. We have a dog – his name is Bobby. He is also the member of our family.

I would like to tell you more about my mother. Her name is Elizabeth. She is 36 years old. She works in a hospital as a nurse. She is tall and slim. She has got blue eyes and short curly hair. I can say she is gentle and impartial. She likes other people and she is always willing to help everybody. Her hobbies are cooking and reading. She prefers exciting detective stories. She is sometimes moody but everybody likes her. I love my mother because she can cook tasty meals and she always looks after us. 

c) Relationship

We have different relationships with people we live with. The relationship with our parents is extraordinary. We love them, but we have to respect and obey them because they are responsible for us. Usually, when the children become teenagers, their parents start to have problems with them. Teenagers want to spend more time with their friends and they prefer making their own decisions. They complain that their parents don´t understand them. These problems between teenagers and their parents are because of generation gap. They should talk to each other and try to find solutions together.

However, much closer to us are our siblings. They are from the same generation, share similar hobbies and mostly have the same opinions. Some of them can fight and argue with each other, but some of them can be friends.

Relationship with our grandparents is similar to that with our parents, but we sometimes see them only once or twice a month and we spend a few hours with them. They are not responsible for us therefore they are not as strict as our parents. Smaller children usually spend a part of their holiday with them.

Being a member of a family means duties, for example cleaning, doing the washing up, working in the garden and taking out the rubbish. Daughters usually help their mothers in the kitchen and boys help their fathers in the garden or with households repairs. It is very important to divide household chores equally among the family members to avoid possible arguments.

We usually meet our relatives at birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. We meet either at home or in a restaurant if it is a big celebration. 

d) Future plans

I would like to get married but only after finishing my studies and finding of an appropriate work. My future partner should be responsible and intelligent. He should also have good character, a sense of humor and similar interests. I want to have two children - one son and one daughter. I prefer living in a flat because then you don´t have so much work compared with the house. This flat should be situated near the city center. I have decided to study medicine so it means that I want to work as a doctor and I can only hope that my dreams will come true one day. 

e) Family and society

Family is a group of people consisting of one or two parents and their children. Living in a family is very important for every human being. Our parents take care of us from our births. Our family supports us whenever we need it. They are with us in the important moments of our lives. In the family, we learn all the skills that we need for life: how to get on with people, how to be tolerant, polite and helpful.

Family in the past used to be bigger, the parents used to have more children but now the average number of children in modern family is two. Parents want to make career and also it is very expensive to have so many children.

Nowadays many children grow up in families in which relationship is broken. This is called a „broken home“. Some of them live in a single-parent family, with just their mother or father, some of them with their stepparents. Life is very difficult for these children, both emotionally and financially and the divorce rate is rising.

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