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a) Different kinds of shops

Shop is a place where things are sold and bought. Most of us go shopping every day because we need fresh food, vegetable, fruit and other important things. There are many possibilities where we can do the shopping. In small towns or villages people can do the shopping in local shop. They can buy food, vegetable, fruit, alcohol and magazines there. There are different kinds of shops in towns. The baker´s is a shop where we buy bread, rolls and cakes; the butcher´s where we get pork, beef, fish and poultry; the greengrocer´s where we buy fruit and vegetables. If we need the furniture, books, clothes or shoes we can go to the furniture shop, bookshop, clothes shop or shoe shop. There are also shops where we can buy food, alcohol and magazines. They are often open 24 hours a day. They are called corner shops.

Nowadays more and more people prefer shopping in large buildings called department stores. A department store is a large building divided into several small shops which sell shoes, books, clothes, furniture and so on. We can find them in city centres and in the suburbs of towns as well.The largest type of shop is called hypermarket. It´s popular because you can buy everything under one roof. There is usually a large car park in front of the hypermarket. People can buy there large amounts of goods using a shopping trolley. Very popular are the big shopping malls. In the shopping centres, we can find post offices, banks, but also restaurants, cinemas and cafes where people can relax when they are tired of shopping. There are usually lower prices, special sales and bargains, longer opening hours. They are open late in the evening and on weekends, too.Goods can be bought not only in shops and stores but also in outdoor. There is a market once or twice a week in almost all towns. The typical market consists of many stalls, mostly selling cheap goods, but also flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and fish. The stales usually start selling early in the morning and may finish by mid-afternoon. Products bought in markets are often cheaper than products bought in shops and supermarkets. 

b) Services

Services are an important part of a national economy and show a maturity of each country.

In everyday life, people also need different kinds of services, for example: hairdressers, tailors, optician’s, photographer’s, shoe repair shops, watchmaker’s, car-mechanics, plumbers, lawyers, real estate agents, doctors, postal service, banks (financial service)...

Bank is an organization that provides various financial services, keeping or lending money, we can put our money into a bank account. If you need to borrow money, you can ask the bank to give you a loan. If the bank lends you money for building a house or buying a flat, the money is called a mortgage. Post office is a national organization in many countries that is responsible for collecting and delivering letters and post cards. Many people pay their bills there. You can also send parcels through the post office. Other services are for example police and petrol station that are inevitable for every society.

c) Advertisement and its influence on customers

Advertisement is part of our everyday life even in the case we don´t own a TV because there are also billboards and magazines everywhere around us.Advertisements influence our life a lot. It is a notice, picture or TV spot telling people about a product. Humor and fantasy is used to attract our attention. They try to make us remember their message and buy the product.  Many advertisements are colorful with gripping melody. Actors are usually young good-looking people or famous people, such as sportsmen or singers. They show us only happy people with their families. They often promise beauty, health, money, fun and quality for people but they are usually false. On the other hand, a good commercial can help you in choice of better café or restaurant. 

d) Shopping possibilities and payment

If you buy things on the internet, you don´t have to go to the shop. It means you can do the shopping comfortably from your house. There is usually a better choice of goods. The biggest disadvantage is that we can´t try the things on. It can be sometimes difficult and expensive to return the goods you don´t like.

In a shop you can pay cash or with a credit card. But you can pay with a credit card only in department stores, boutiques or in a hypermarket. It´s  more comfortable than to have a lot of money in your wallet. It could be dangerous because of thieves. But in small shops and on the market you can pay only in cash. Some people prefer to get things on hire purchase what means that the whole sum is divided into smaller amounts paid by monthly instalments.

e) Foreign products, export of  Slovak products

Most of us prefer to buy foreign products because we put the accent on quality. There is often better choice of foreign products compared with our products. In spite of this fact, there are many high-quality Slovak products. We could mention for example chocolate produced in Figaro Trnava. Slovakia is also famous in the whole word for its special kinds of cheese.

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